"Ambroton" new Armenian expectorant for kids


Head of Research and Development department Anzhela Tadevosyan, answers the questions

Recently, under the brand name “Tonus-Les”, Ambroton cough syrup for children has been released in the market. It is the first Armenian expectorant which as an active ingredient contains Ambroxol and with its quality can compete with the medicines imported from Europe.

What has inspired “Tonus-Les” LLC to produce “Ambroton” productive cough syrup?

Conducting a research of local market and studying cough syrups in the world we came to the conclusion, that one of the efficient expectorants, containing active ingredient Ambroxol, is not produced in Armenia. Summarizing the results of our research we initiated the production of Ambroton. We have approached to this project with huge responsibility, since; the health of children is a primary value for our company.

What are the indications of "Ambroton"? For children of what age is it indicated?

Ambroton is a productive cough syrup indicated for children from 2 to 12 years. It dissolves the sticky phlegm in the bronchi and improves mucus flow and transport.
Ambroton has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions, affects to the whole respiratory system and increases penetration of antibiotics into the lung tissue.
Ambroton is indicated for productive cough, acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia as well as for bronchiectatic diseases.
It can be taken regardless of the meals. During treatment, it is recommended to consume plenty of fluids. Before taking the medicine the patient should carefully read enclosed instruction.

What is the difference between "Ambroton" and other expectorants which already exist in the market?

Ambroton has a pleasant-tasting raspberry flavor, so kids take it easily. It is produced in Armenia with European standards. Ambroton does not contain sugar, alcohol, color additives. Furthermore, compared with other expectorants existing in the market, it has more affordable price.
It is worth mentioning, that before entering the market, Ambroton detailed laboratory tests in accordance with international standards. The entire drug development process, production and quality management was controlled by “Tonus-Les” LLC and “FDA Lab” analytical laboratory.

What novelties are expected in the near future?

Currently, “Tonus-Les” LLC and “FDA Lab” analytical laboratory, with joint efforts, are engaged in the research and production of highly effective medicines are not produced in Armenia yet. Our aim is to make such medicines affordable for Armenian consumers.

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