AnGriMax Neo

AnGriMax Neo

For colds and flu

Composition: active substances: 1 capsule contains: paracetamol - 325 mg, phenylephrine hydrochloride - 10 mg, pheniramine maleate - 20 mg.

Excipients - microcrystalline cellulose, colloidal silicon dioxide, potato starch and magnesium stearate.

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Paracetamol in combination with other drugs.

Administration method and dosage:

Short-term treatment of colds, rhinitis, rhinopharyngitis and influenza-like conditions in adults and children 12 years and older, accompanied with:

- transparent nasal discharge and lacrimation;
- sneezing;
- headache and / or fever.

Method of administration and dosage:

Persons over 12 years of age take 1 capsule 2-3 times a day after meals with plenty of water. A repeated dose can be taken every 4 hours (but not more than 3 capsules in 24 hours). AnGriMax NEO can be used at any time of the day, but the best effect is obtained by taking the drug before bedtime.

Contraindications: hypersensitivity to components of the drug, concomitant use of tricyclic antidepressants, monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, beta-blockers; portal hypertension; alcoholism; diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, breastfeeding period, children under 12 years of age.

Storage conditions: store in a place protected from moisture and light at a temperature of 15 ° C to 25 ° C, out of the reach of children.

Packing: hard gelatin capsules, 10 capsules in a blister, 2 blisters in a carton box along with the insert-leaflet.

Produced by: "Minskinterkaps", Belarus.

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