Inforin Activ gel 40g

Inforin Activ gel 40g

Fast and prolonged effect

Composition: in 1g of gel contains ibuprofen 50 mg (5%), levomenthol 30 mg (3%).


• Muscle and joint pain

• Rheumatism, complex treatment of pain syndrome

• Traumatic injuries

• Sports injuries

• Sprain

• Bruises (contusion)


An effective combination

Fast action

European quality

Administration and dosage:

For external use only

For persons over 12 years old, apply 1-4 cm of gel to the painful area and rub lightly until absorbed. Application is repeated as necessary, up to a maximum of three times a day, maintaining an interval between each application of at least 4 hours.


Hypersensitivity to ibuprofen, levomenthol, other NSAIDs or any component of the medicine. Bronchial asthma, bronchospasm, rhinitis, urticaria associated with taking NSAIDs. Damaged skin - the presence of a local infection, simultaneous use of other medicines on one area of the skin. Pregnancy, age up to 12 years.

Packing: Ibuprofen 50 mg (5%), levomenthol 30 mg (3%) gel 40 g in an aluminum tube and cardboard box along with a leaflet.

Storage conditions: store at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C, out of the reach of children. Do not freeze.

Manufacturer: Balkanfarma-Razgrad AD, Bulgaria.

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