Lindacalc Calcium bisglycinate (chelate) 1076 mg, vitamin D3 1.67 mcg

Food supplement (FS)

Composition: 1 tablet contains: calcium amino acid chelate ALBICAL™ 280 mg (1076 mg as calcium bisglycinate), vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol - 1.67 mcg․

Scope of application

To maintain strong and healthy bone and teeth structure.


• Ensures proper functioning of digestive enzymes;

• Provides a normal level of neurotransmission;

• Participates in the functioning of muscle;

• Helps maintain normal metabolic levels;

• Participates in the process of blood coagulation system.

Calcium intake is especially important in menopausal women (to reduce the risk of osteoporosis).

Vitamin D3:

• Helps in proper and timely absorption of calcium and phosphorus, increasing the percentage of absorption;

• Helps maintain the required level of calcium in the blood;

• Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth;

• Promotes proper muscle function;

• Supports the immune system.

Instructions for use

1 capsule daily after meals or as prescribed by a physician. To achieve better results, it is recommended to take 1 capsule 3 times a day after meals. The recommended duration of use is 10 - 30 days.


Contraindications: Individual intolerance to dietary supplement components.

Packing: 30 capsules in a cardboard package along with a leaflet.

Storage conditions: store at a temperature not exceeding 250C, closed, out of the reach of children.

Manufacturer: Olimp Laboratories, Poland

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