Aquaton baby, drops

Aquaton baby, drops, 0month

Product for washing the nasal cavity for children and adults

100% natural sea water

0.9% saline

Scope of application:

• for the prevention and complex treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the nasal cavity

• preparation of the nasal cavity for the use of drugs

Can be used on daily bases.


• in complex treatment: 1-2 drops in each nostril 4 times a day

• in case of severe rhinorrhea (runny nose), rinse each nostril 4 times a day

• prevention and daily hygiene: use by washing the nasal cavity 2-3 times a day

Duration and frequency of application are not limited.

Special instructions: acceptable for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Storage conditions: store at a temperature  +10°С up to +30°С, out of the reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Packing: single doses (vials) 2ml x30

Expiration date. 3 years, sterile.

Producer: "Groteks" LLC, RF.

Importer: "Tonus-Les" LLC .

Wide spectrum of action