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"Tonus-Elast" in contemporary medicine

On november 28 and 29 in Marriott Hotel's conference hall a workshop conference organized by "Tonus-Elast", producer of elastic medical products, was held. Such seminars are organized on a regular basis.

The topic for November 28 was "TONUS-ELAST" in modern medicine. Orthopedists and traumatologist from Yerevan and regions of Armenia attended the event and welcomed the new products that were introduced to them by "TONUS-ELAST".


"Tonus-Les" pharmaceutical company is the official and exclusive distributor of "Tonus-Elast" in Armenia.

The special guest of the event, the chief specialist of "Tonus- Elast ", who arrived from Latvia, was Larisa Ablamska.

The company was founded in 1995 and collaborates with many companies from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Georgia, Armenia.


Main products of "Tonus-Elast" are elastic bandages, belts, therapeutic flexible fixators for postoperative use. Over the years, due to establishment and expansion the range of products offered by the company has grown, including such needed items as, for example, elastic lingerie for pregnant women and nursing mothers. The replacement of latex by lycra can be considered as a great achievement of the company.


'As a traumatologist, orthopedist, I often use in my practice elastic fixators for spine, neck, waist ... I must recognize that their efficiency is quite high. Except the cases when the patient needs immobilizing plaster fixation, prescription of flexible fixation is very effective for rehabilitation. Pricing policy is convenient for patients as well', says Hrant Ashchyan MD, traumatologist, head of "Traumatology and Orthopedics Research Center".


We have been cooperating with Armenia for about 10 years. This cooperation is very productive for both sides. Oftentimes our partners and people working in the field of medicine give to us ideas for new products. 'Sometimes those ideas are "in the air", but after professional discussions, it becomes clear that we must give life to those ideas, implement them', says the leading specialist of "Tonus-Elast" Larisa Ablamska. 'In modern medicine production of elastic medical items is a new direction, and I am very happy to announce that today we are cooperating with many companies in the East, the former Soviet Union countries, as well as some exotic countries such as Morocco, Brazil etc. Since its establishment until today the company has expanded by about 15 times and has 11 branches, 14 brand stores in various cities and around 8-million-euro turnover per year', said Larisa Ablamska, the leading specialist of technology development department of "Tonus-Elast".


During the workshop held on November 29 "Tonus-Elast" introduced its products, which are specially intended for angiology, people with vascular problems and doctors specialized in that field.

Today is the last day of the seminar, which was attended by all angiologists of the RA . The topic is very important. A new series of "Tonus - Elast" products was presented, which was welcomed and favored by the invitees. There were also some suggestions regarding the assortment, which will be taken into account for the future.


It's worth reminding that "Tonus-Elast" is engaged in the manufacture of elastic medical products and it has been for around 10 years, that due to cooperation with "Tonus-Les" it is able to represent those products on the Armenian market.

Today, the company represents more than 60 items: fixators for different applications, posture correctors, postoperative belts, compression and knitted wear widely used in angiology. Compression knitted wear makes up 16 percent of the company's production. It is produced in accordance with European standards and has German certificate of quality. In 2004, "Tonus-Elast" acquired Italian and German equipment for compression textile production.

"Tonus-Elast", in cooperation with a Swiss company has developed and produced a series of products for athletes. Those products facilitate the mobilization of muscles and improve blood circulation in them.


'I know the presented products very well. They are widely used in vascular surgery and play a significant role in the treatment of our patients. It can be said that elastic wear accounts for 30-40% of the treatment's efficiency. In our population chronic venous insufficiency is a fairly common condition, and in case of paying attention to the factors contributing to its development (excess weight, bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle) it is possible to avoid the disease', says angiologist Tigran Sultanyan (MD), the head of Vascular Surgery Department at Mikaelyan Institute of Surgery.


At the end of the event "Tonus-Les" presented several new medicines.

'This year our company has added new medicines to its assortment, including such antibiotics as Sulbactacid, Ceftonus, NSAIDs: Melgesic, Clafen and Nanoplast.which is considered to be healing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory plaster' says the General Manager of "Tonus-Les" Armine Hovhannisyan.


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