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Our whole nation needs to be in this healing center...

In November 2016 St. G. Narekatsi Soul, Mind and Body Healing Center opened its doors.


Initially the healing center has adopted the principle that it is worth to be the first, to take a risk and to combine physical healing with the spiritual one.

In medical practice it is accepted to cure the body, to eliminate the consequence that is the solution of the headache is found in one pain killer. We don’t even try to understand what the reason of headache is.

In Narekatsi healing center the first attempt is done: besides solving the consequence we must go by the traces of the reason.

This approach was the reason to start a series of interviews with the specialists of the center with the aim to present the activity and the philosophy of Narekatsi healing center more accessibly for public.


The peculiarity of the center is that with each patient naturotherapist, psychologist and clergyman work.


So, we present the following interview with Susanna Dokholyan, the psychologist of St. Grigor Narekatsi healing center.


Question - Mrs. Dokholyan, the center works for about 5 months, who are the patients of the center?


Answer - First of all let me thank you for the interview as well as for the question. It is one of the most fundamental questions. Nowadays our whole nation need to be in this center (smiles). Our experience shows that the people who have applied to many centers, who have taken many medicines but were never content with the results visit us as well as among our patients there are people who understand that spiritual component is important and necessary. And really, physical component is not the most important one: emphasizing the somatic is not right as well as not effective. The body and soul are not separate and only by medicine the problem is not solved. Many somatic diseases are directly connected with the spiritual component and the treatment must be the combination of these two.


Question - Mrs. Dokholyan you have more than 40 years’ experience in the field of psychology, how can you combine your work with the work of clergyman?


Answer - Especially in the recent years I have met cases when the patient was in such a state that I tried to find new edges for working parallel with the clergyman and the result was evident. There are many heavy cases of psychological trauma, when it is obligatory to work with draw parallel with the work of clergyman. Working here is a great opportunity for me. Clergyman and I seem to complete each other.


Question - What can you tell about the effect of "three in one"? That is when naturotherapist joins psychologist and clergyman.


Answer - I wouldn’t like to introduce it much because this is the case when everyone should come and try himself. Just imagine what positive outcome we can have, when the work of psychologist and clergyman is combined with the work of naturotherapist. We have many success stories. We together could win different disease: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, thyroid disease, heart disorders, blood pressures fluctuations and etc.


Question - What psychological methods do you use in Narekatsi healing center?


Answer - Several methods are used in this center: conversation method, projective technics (for example M. Lusher color test), relaxation methods and so on. Here the problem is different. The patient should come to the awareness that all physical diseases are the reflection of our spiritual life and the body is a temple given by God and it should be kept clean. I can gladly and proudly note that already many people confessed that this approach is very familiar to them.




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