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Composition: in 1 tablet – simethicone 50mg, activated charcoal 300mg.

Features: The efficacy of ActiSim is due to simethicone's anti-foaming action combined with the gas absorbing action of carbon: the action is exclusively based on mechanical phenomenon. The double-layer tablet releases approximately 50% of the ingredients in the gastric environment within 15 minute, and completes its disgregation in the intestinal environment within one hour. The components are not absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract and do not interfere with the absorbance of the nutritional substances.

Indications: Symptoms related to stomach bloating (aerophagy) or intestine bloating (meteorism) due to the accumulation of gas, and connected pain, cramps, flatulence and eructation.

Recommended daily use: 4 tablets per day, preferably 2 tabs after any main meal. Extract the tablet from blister, taking care of not breaking it and take the tablet with a glass of water.

Precaution: With the recommended dosage it can been observed a brown coloration of the feces, due to carbon presence. Not for children under 14 years. Use in pregnancy and lactation only in case of real necessity and after having consulted your doctor. Do not take the tablet in lying position. Consult your doctor before taking ActiSim in case of ongoing pharmacological therapies.

Packing: The box contains 20 double-layer swallowable tablets at modified release in 2 blisters.

Manufacturer. NTC SrL, Italy.

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